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Hi, I'm Elvira Hellenpárt.  

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What can we build together?

A passionate interface and experience designer,

producing elegant, functional and accessible digital experiences. 


Some of the work I'm most proud of.

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App-based support for LGBTQ+ youth

Design a safe environment and experience for queer youth, encouraging them to ask for help or guidance in an easy and accessible way.

My Role

As sole designer I was responsible for user research, concepting, UX and UI design

Main Goal

Design an app that reflects safety and security, inclusivity and accessibility.

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As sole designer I was responsible for user research, concepting, UX and UI design

Main Goal

Learn the challenges surfers face when reading ocean weather forecast 

Surf Weather Forecast App

Exploring ways to display complex ocean weather data in an accessible, easy-to-comprehend way for surfers, ensuring a safe and fun experience.

My Role

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Health and Fitness App

Exploring ways to encourage people who want to exercise get into an easy routine for physical activities and a healthy lifestyle. 

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Main Goal

To create an engaging experience using UI best practices.

I was responsible for developing clean, well executed design concepts based on user research

My Role


See more of my approach solving desing challenges


Inclusive design, illustration, icon design, gamification

How to design for a special target group


Emotional design,

rapid prototyping

How to create an engaging and delightful experience


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Inclusive design, accessibility

How to find the most inclusive solutions


Save or not to save - do we take users' burden or do we take users' freedom?

In progress

Nice to meet you.

I am Elvira. a Berlin based UX/UI Designer with a strong background in online marketing.

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