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Design Challenge @ Hackathon for Future of Education


The NOW App, created by the Swiss organization NOW aims at measuring and tracking 21st-century competencies that are acquired during volunteer engagement, youth exchanges or non-formal education programs. Competencies such as empathy, creativity or complex problem solving become more relevant in our time. 


The app will allow those 21st-century skills to be visible and allow young people to use them when applying for jobs.


When starting a new cooperation with an organization, NOW is sending a questionnaire that helps the organisation figure out which skills are most relevant to them.

The current format is Typeform; a competence selection Questionnaire and includes 50 multiple-choice questions.

For each question, organisations should choose the most relevant option for their participants.


Design an engaging tool that makes this process more interactive and fun.

It's important that it follows the logic of:

  • Anyone can access it on the website

  • It takes not more than 10min to complete

  • It shows a result right away

  • We can collect contact details (in line with GDPR) through it


After taking a look at the questionnaire and interacting with it,

I identified following problems:

  • 50 questions might be overwhelming when the answer needs to be thought through

  • No user control, no navigation; users can't take actions actively like switching between pages

  • No progress bar to visualize and inform the progression of this long process

  • Lack of (brand) identity, lack of emotional design

Current format



  • The questionnaire should be accessible as a sub-page from the company's website, instead of sending separately

  • Before starting the questionnaire, an overview should clearly tell companies what their benefits are when participating (value 1,2,3)

  • Adding clear CTA: button to start questionnaire

Current format

old page 1.png

Improved format

Start page new.png
  • 50 is an easy number to work with – I broke down the 50 questions into 5 pages, including 10 questions each.

  • On each page I added progress bars that clearly show the current page and current question, total questions and how many questions are left 

  • On each page I added buttons "Next" and "Previous", so that users can navigate, giving them the opportunity to review questions and proceed when they want

  • I worked with brand colors, to give the questionnaire a personality and identity

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