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I'm Elvira,
nice to meet you.

I design experiences that empower and delight users, respect people and the environment. I bring empathy, commitment and creative problem-solving to my work.


My background in digital marketing helps me to understand the different perspectives and harmonize user needs with business objectives.

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How I got started in UX Design

Before discovering design, a career in online marketing and business development has taught me that customer insight is the key to a successful business, which I combine with my user experience skills to help companies understand how a human-centered approach helps them to find sustainable solutions.


As a UX designer, I feel empowered to make a difference. While maintaining focus on business goals I also prioritize developing a maximized user-centered experience. I would like to help companies to understand the importance of human- and environment-centered thinking and help them to find sustainable solutions.

What I've been working on 

I have been working on projects that require empathizing with special target groups like factory workers in Asia with functional illiteracy or LGBTQ+ youth. My problem solving approach follows inclusive design and accessibility guidelines.

As a passionate advocate of sustainability, I attend events and hackathons that tackle the challenge of how technology can shape a more sustainable future. 

As a UX tutor, I'm evaluating student work, giving actionable suggestions to improve the quality of student submissions and portfolio projects.

What I'm curious about

I’m fascinated by the wide range of this field – overlaping psychology, design and technology.


I have a deep passion for understanding how technology impacts people’s behavior and influences their habits and how it can help to shape a more sustainable future. I am passionate about projects that open new perspectives for the world and myself. 


I'm an advocate of inclusive design; what motivates me is to listen to people's stories because that is where the problems are to solve. 

Contact me

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